Frank Blenman

Discilplines: Karate, Kickboxing

7th-degree black belt


Want to be able to take it off the floor and onto the street? Then work with me.

I’m currently a 7th degree Black Belt in Karate, and I also teach Kung Fu.

Growing up, I was always fighting with kids who were bigger and heavier than me, but was never able to take martial arts classes because it wasn’t in my family’s budget. I finally got into martial arts as a freshman at Rutgers, when I joined the Kung Fu club.

After mastering the fundamentals of Kung Fu, I worked with many instructors (Aaron Walker, Fuquan Ali, Dan Nagidi, Ronald Duncan, Dan Walker), in Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu and Karate before starting the Universal Academy of Martial Arts. There, I taught several disciplines (instead of one martial art) and emphasized fundamentals.

I don’t believe that there is one superior Martial Art. What I’ve learned through the years that sometimes a weakness in one discipline is a strength in another. This belief is what allows me to embrace different approaches.

Martial Arts are a continuous road of learning, and one should develop a respect for all martial arts. After all, it’s how you’re able to apply what you learn in martial arts in real-life situations.

I’ll be teaching basic Karate, but even then I’m adding techniques (kickboxing, boxing stances) that are not being taught through traditional Karate.

I believe you should always make two assumptions in any situation
1. Person you’re facing has a friend
2. Person you’re facing has a weapon

Meaning you need to move decisively enough so that the person you’re facing can’t reach their weapon and you can fight one-on-one.

The person who’s best prepared to win, will win.

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