Use Your Passion to Instruct The World

Are you a Martial Arts Instructor? Yoga Guru? Fitness Expert?

How would you like to generate more income, retain students and get new students from around the world? Now’s your chance! Be a part of the first-ever online martial arts training and certification program. We’re looking for instructors who want to participate in our beta launch.

Yes I want to be an instructor

MartialArtsZen (MAZ) is a distance learning company focused on making high quality martial arts training available online anytime, anywhere at an affordable price.

As an instructor here’s what’s in it for you and your students:

  • Earn 25% on-going commissions on all paying customers you refer to MAZ
  • Earn belt testing fees from students that go through our instruction and want to test for their belts with you
  • Create your own training channel with your videos and increase monthly fees to your brick and mortar students for access (also increases retention)
  • New Training Curriculum You Can Leverage - We’ve created a new training curriculum you can use in your practice if you choose
  • Robust video analytics to improve curriculum

Benefits for your students:

  • Free basic level instruction available to everyone
  • Training from our instructors to supplement their in-person training
  • Perfect if they can’t make it to class or just want to learn more
  • Additional training from you if you decide to create your own channel
  • Online training will increase your students engagement

Marketing Support:

  • MAZ will provide marketing materials for affiliate and instructors by way of imagery, copy and facebook post
  • We will also refer local students to you via our tool that allows students to find the best schools in their area

Future State (Patent pending technologies):

  • Industry standard on how marketing will work within the martial arts space
  • Advanced data analytics oriented learning
  • Improved video technology – 360 degree viewing
  • Artificial Intelligence – constant feedback on performance of your students
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D hologram
  • Cable Channel and Netflicks content provider

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