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Professional Boxer


They call me Will Power because I haven’t ever stopped or quit.

Yeah, you could say I was born wearing boxing gloves: My dad was an amateur fighter in his twenties, and when I was born he became a professional boxing trainer.

I’ve had gloves on my hands since I was five years old. One of the classes my dad taught was a kid’s boxing class and I became his youngest student.

Even though I’ve been boxing almost as long as I can remember, I tried other sports, too. I dabbled in soccer, I tried skateboarding. In fact, it wasn’t until I was 16 that I truly fell in love with the art of boxing, and began to eat, breathe, sleep and yes, bleed the sport.

One day, I was sparring, and no one was able to hit me cleanly... that’s when people started to tell me I should think about a career in boxing.

My payoff for this dedication came when I won my first Golden Glove fight. I’ve fought 75 fights as an amateur, and went to the UK twice as part of the US team. I’ve lost only 12 fights.

Amateur vs professional boxing is a lot like comparing sprints to marathons, because amateurs throw thousands of punches vs. accurate punches. The current point system of amateurs rewards a lot of punches without the accuracy.

I want students who are considering training with me to know that it is not going to happen overnight, that there will be an ongoing conversation, that we’re going to keep going and exceed somewhere as long as we don’t stop.

A lot of people do the first workout and are disappointed because they can’t master a move, they worry that they’re never going to get it. Of course, we’re going to make mistakes, how else are we going to learn? I’m a professional boxer, I kept going for five rounds and won my last fight with a broken jaw.

Applying what you learn (discipline, eating right) to improve the rest of your life, too.

I’m holding myself accountable when I tell you how to throw a punch.

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